The Rifles

The rifle pictured below is a BSA Martini Action .22 rifle. The Martini is the piece of metal pointing down from behind the trigger. When the martini is in the position shown a round can be inserted into the chamber. After the round has been inserted the martini is then pulled back (flush with the stock) and the rifle is now ready to fire. The small silver plate on the underneath of the rifle is for attaching a single point strap, this is not that common most rifles have 2 little eyes for a dual point strap to be attached. The rear sight can be seen above the sliver plate and the end sight is on the far end of the barrel.

Here is a bolt action rifle. It doesn't have a martini, it has a bolt. With the bolt in the position shown a round can be inserted into the chamber. The bolt is then slid forward and locked down, just like the bolt on a shed. The bolt is released by pulling up and then back, then the empty shell pops out, you must have seen them in the films.

The Ammunition

As you have probably already read the history its probably not worth mentioning that the shells are all rim fire detonated. There are to types used in the league, long and short, both pictured below. The long shot are more powerful and are only used on the open ranges which are longer, the short shot is used on the tube ranges. Please click on the Targets link to find out about the ranges.

A long shot, a 1 Coin and a short shot.