The Rules shall apply to all competitions unless specific alterations are provided.
  1. The League Competition shall be completed before any other is begun. However if any team has not completed all it's matches by the end of the fixture dates, whereas the matches would otherwise be forfeit with likelihood of points awarded to suffering team (see cancellations - rule 6), the Management Committee shall consider the facts and in extreme circumstances give the team a 'special dispensation' to complete it's outstanding matches. This shall be considered as a matter of course at the end-of-League Management Committee Meeting at which succeeding supplementary competitions are arranged.
  2. League fixtures will commence on the Monday of the last complete week in September.
  3. Teams wishing to enter must be determined at the Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Secretary of each team shall render to the League Secretary a list of members to be registered, together with the necessary fees, before the League fixture. No limit shall be placed on the first number of shooting members a team may register during a season, the fee being 1/- per member or as determined at the Annual General Meeting. Interim registration is allowed and transfers from one team to another (subject to Committee's consent) are allowed until December 31st of the current season. Any such interim or transferred shooting member must be notified to the League Secretary in writing prior to firing in any League fixture and such notification must reach the League Secretary 24 hours before the fixture concerned. Failure to comply with these conditions shall result in the forfeiture of the fixture and the maximum points shall be awarded to the opposing team.
  5. Entrance fee per team is 10/- or as determined at the Annual General Meeting and a match team shall consist of eight riflemen, the best seven scores made by each team to be the match score. Each member of a team shall fire seven shots to count. Two sighting shots which are optional to the firer may also be used. However any firer discarding one or both sighters must declare such before commencing fire. Home team captains shall return completed score sheets, signed as correct by both captains, promptly to the League Secretary after each Match. Highest possible score shall be 35 per rifleman, 245 per team.
  6. Each team in the League will fire one match at home and one match on it's opponent's range, with every other team in the League. Teams shall complete their matches with teams belonging to the same Club and fire all other teams once before January 14th each season.
  7. Any protest against the result of a match or any matter concerned with a match shall be written and posted within two days of the alleged offence to the League Secretary and the full Management Committee whose decision shall be final, shall deal with the same.
  8. On open ranges teams will fire shoulder-to-shoulder. On tube ranges alternately. Matches shall commence at 8 o'clock unless an earlier hour has been mutually agreed upon. Should a team not be ready to commence at 8.15 (or within quarter of an hour of earlier time agreed) the match may be claimed by the opponents. Not more than five minutes delay in the firing during a match is allowed except that should the last man to fire not be available when due, 15 minutes grace may be claimed. When this period has expired another member who has not fired may shoot in his place otherwise the match will be closed. No member of a team may fire twice in a match, and no member of a team may fire unless a member of the opposing team authorized by his Captain be present as a witness.
  9. Any rifle of single action of .220 caliber may be used. The home team shall supply ammunition suitable for the range. Only open sights may be used and the foresight shall be of blade or barleycorn pattern. No orthoptical glasses may be used. Slings may be used on open ranges only. The wrist or hand or forearm may be rested on the tube or a support, on tube ranges, but not the rifle. No more than 3 "blow-out" shots may be fired by any team as a preliminary to any match.
  10. On open ranges, home teams shall be responsible for an adequate supply of targets, together with proper illumination and setting up of same. Teams in charge of tube ranges are responsible for the proper washing and illumination of same. They shall also be responsible for the response of the electric bell when the bullseye is struck. On all ranges the size and type of target shall in no respect be varied during any one season Notice of any variation to the size and type of targets must be given at the Annual General Meeting preceding the season in which the variation is to take effect. Target area backgrounds are at the discretion of the home team, but should provide sufficient contrast with targets to make them easily visible.
  11. In the event of the League Competition resulting in a tie of two or more teams after all fixtures are completed, the result shall be decided by which ever team has the least losses being declared the League Champions. If the tie is not broken, the teams shall fire home and away. The aggregate score of these matches shall decide the winner, but if a tie again results, further matches as are necessary, shall be fired on neutral ranges agreed by the Captains.

POSTPONEMENTS - Notice of postponement of a fixture shall be given, in writing, to the opposing team and to the League Secretary not later than two full days before the match. Matches shall only be postponed in extreme circumstances otherwise the suffering team may claim match points, such claim to be posted to the Secretary within 2 days for consideration by the full Management Committee. Any postponed match will be re-arranged by the team captains and the League Secretary shall be informed, writing, of the date.

CANCELLATIONS - Matches shall only be cancelled in extreme circumstances and the Secretary shall award Match points to the team suffering the cancellation.