Postponed Liberty & Livelihood March

On Saturday 17th March the league received a letter from the Director of the MARCH in which he explained:

"Clearly it is extremely difficult at this stage to make any realistic forecast about a future date for the March: that is dependent on Foot and Mouth, the timing of a General Election, the result and any possible manifesto or future policy commitments that might arise. It is unrealistic to believe that the March could go ahead in the month of May and the summer months provide a range of complicating factors."

He suggests September 1st as the latest date by which a decision will have been taken.

Our situation is that we have booked four 57-seat coaches in total and of the 228 seats available, 203 were taken when the dreadful disease became apparent. We have already paid the Countryside Alliance, on your behalf, for the London Underground tickets and coach parking based on 3 a head. They have offered to repay this money to us but we have told them to retain it for the revised date.

As far as the coach tickets you have paid for are concerned they are of course valid for the revised date (providing the coaches are available but problem not anticipated). In the unhappy event that yourself or one of your guests cannot make the new date when it is announced or would be very helpful if, in the first instance, you could pass/sell the ticket on to another supporter as you will, we hope, understand we would prefer to avoid refunds. It is important to us that all seats are full as I hope to be recouping the 3 a head Underground/parking outlay from you on the way to London! And please remember we have 25 seats still available.

In our enthusiasm the league ordered MARCH badges to offer to you on the way to London and these arrived just as the postponement was announced. They are very good quality enamel badges depicting 10 aspects of the Countryside in 5 colours and are very attractive but of course bear the date 18th March 2001. When new badges are produced for the rearranged MARCH we propose to pair them up so you can buy "two for the price of one (and a bit)".

Many thanks for your support, and good luck at this dreadful time.

March Postponed!


In the light of the new confirmed outbreaks of foot and mouth disease and following consultation with leaders of the farming community the Alliance has decided to defer its London march, planned for March 18, to at least early May.

Alliance Chief Executive Richard Burge said, "Our prime concern in taking this decision has been to act properly and responsibly, especially in the interests of Britain's farmers as well as our own members and supporters. Therefore, as a precautionary move and in solidarity with the farming community, we have with regret decided to postpone our march. This decision has been taken in direct consultation with and with the support of the leading farming bodies, including the NFU, FUW and the Ulster Farmers Association.

Mr. Burge added: "A decision on a precise date will be made following review of the current outbreak and our assessment of the Government's response to the depth of the wider crisis in the British Countryside".

Liberty & Livelihood March
Sunday 18th March 2001

We are marching to demand that Government and Parliament:
  • defend the freedom and right of rural people to live our lives with dignity and in the way we choose
  • protect rural people from prejudice and bigotry, particularly against all our country sports notably hunting with dogs
  • act now to address the real problems of the Countryside that are killing our communities and our culture

Three local target shooting clubs, appalled at Parliament's disregard for clean living law abiding minorities, the countryside, those that live in and those that look after it, their traditions, their ways of life, have hired coaches to the March, picking-up at Devizes Market Place, Marlborough police station and Membury M4 services. As coaches are filled we will hire further coaches so please help us by ordering your tickets now. For coaches returning straight after the March the cost is 6 and for a late coach leaving Central London at 10pm 9. Any surplus will be given to help defray the March Organisers' costs (CA).
Local departure times are printed on the tickets.
To places on the trip, please email

Liberty & Livelihood March
Sunday 18th March 2001

Successive Governments are strangling your sport, whatever discipline you enjoy and the ratchet is working at an ever accelerating speed. Their PC nonsense must be stopped.

  • Don't sell out your sport and your friends, and those who come after you, by your absence at this march.
  • Don't make an ass of yourself with pitiful excuses

Aren't we all sick of successive Governments' contempt for our rights and our way of life in the Countryside. On top of this as shooters the Government continues to cut our liberty more and more with futile restrictions and prohibitions whilst doing nothing to tackle the problem of illegal firearms which fuel crime. This Government promised two years ago that there would be no more restrictive firearms legislation but already that promise is broken with proposed new regulations which politically correct Whitehall had hoped would include a ban on our children shooting. As it is we wait to see if recommendations to end our Miniature Rifle Range status will yet be included.

Well we all have the opportunity to actually do something about it. The liberty & Livelihood March in London on the 18th March 2001. In a joint venture with Urchfont Clay Pigeon Club and the North Wiltshire Rifle & Pistol Club I have booked three coaches to London on Sunday 18th March. They will be picking up a Devizes Market place, Marlborough Police Station and Membury M4 Services. Two will return straight after the March, envisaged to be around 5pm and the third will leave Central London at 10.00pm enabling those, who want to, to have an evening in London. Tickets for the early coaches are 6 to cover coach hire and the late coach 9. I guarantee you will have a wonderful and rewarding day - take the family and have a picnic - many have in the past and had tremendous times in the incredible atmosphere. 300,000+ people, with the interests of the Countryside at heart, took peacefully to the streets in March 1998 and it started to make a difference. Over 1 million are needed this time and it is up to us to do our bit.

Please realise the seriousness of the situation and make this a good productive day out. Time is running out for those who hide from standing up to be counted and always leave it to someone else.

If you would like to know more or book places on the trip, please email