The Table

Final Result 2010 - 2011

P W D L Pts
Comforce 16 12 1 3 25
Conservative Club 15 11 0 4 22
Rowde 16 9 0 7 18
Potterne 16 8 0 8 16
Lamb 15 6 3 6 15
Rendells 16 7 0 9 14
Sandleaze 16 6 1 9 13
All Cannings 16 5 1 10 11
British Telecom 16 3 2 11 8

The League Lionheart Handicap Championship Competition Rules

  1. Instigated 3 1.8.90 at AGM, item 7(c) in Minutes. The Lionheart Championship is automatically applied to the League Championship results and shall follow the principles of the League Championship competition rules. There is no fee in addition to any fee imposed for the League Championship. A Team must complete two consecutive seasons before it can be included in the Lionheart except that one Match cancellation shall be allowed in the second season.
  2. The basis of the Lionheart scoring shall be the 7 best scores from the League Match but scored Bullseye 5 pts, Miss 4 pts, and handicap added to the appropriate team's score. The 6th and 7th Riflemen of a team are awarded 28 pts if absent. The handicap is calculated for each match of the season individually by taking the average of the two figures the home team won or lost that match by (the margins), in the previous two seasons, and rounding that figure up to the nearest whole figure. If negative this figure shall be converted to positive. If previously negative it shall be added to the home team, if previously positive it shall be added to the visiting team. Where a match was cancelled in the previous season the handicap applying to that season shall be applied for the new season. For calculating handicap for the next season, that figure shall be utilized as the previous season's margin.
  3. Where a team cancels more than one match in a season the Management committee shall, unless extreme circumstances apply, eliminate that team from the Lionheart until such time as it requalifies under rule 1.