Cup Matches

The Fixtures

Copland Griffiths
First Round Second Round Third Round FINAL
03/04/2008 10/04/2008 17/04/2008 24/04/2008
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Open Individual 30th April
Tube Individual 8th and 9th May
Mayenne Cup 15th and 16st May
Marlborough Trophy 22nd May
Holloway Cup 30th and 31st May
Waiblingen Long Range Trophy 11th and 12th August (Bisley)

The Rules

In all Cup Matches competitors pay for ammunition supplied by team whose range is in use.

Prices:- Tube 1/-, Open 1/6. These charges to be reviewed as necessary by the Management Committee.

Individual Shooting

Each season there shall be two individual competitions, one on the tube bell ranges, and one on the open ranges. There may be an additional tube individual competition, the Mayenne Cup, shot on cards. These competitions shall respectively be called "The Tube Individual", "The Open Individual" and "The Mayenne Cup".

These shall be open to all registered members for the current season on payment of 1/- per person for each competition. These charges to be reviewed as necessary by the Management Committee.

Each competition will comprise two legs on separate ranges. Each leg will consist of two sighters and ten shots unspotted to count. H.P.S. 50 per range, 100 total. All ties to be broken by additional legs until death. Team captains to make entries and be responsible for fees. Entry forms will be issued to each team.

Winners and runners-up of the "Open Individual" and the "Tube Individual" will receive miniatures. Dates and ranges will be fixed by the Management Committee. In both competitions the Management Committee shall appoint neutral referees to oversee the firing. Such referees shall be responsible for calling the sighting shots, judging the scores and their decision in all matters will be final.

Team Shooting

Holloway Cup.

Each team may enter only two competitors who shall be the members with the highest average (16 matches minimum) in the previous League Competition.

Conditions for the individual shoots shall apply, except only one leg on each (open card and tube bell) range, selected by the Management Committee, will be fired. Two optional sighters and 14 shots to count will be fired per range. H.P.S. 70 per range, 140 total. No entrance fee.

Copland-Griffiths Cup.

Open to all teams who have completed the current league fixtures or have been given special dispensation under RULE 1 of League Competition Rules where they were unable to complete current league fixtures - No entrance fee.

This competition to be fired in "knock-out" basis, after draw by the Management Conunittee, the first team of each pair drawn hosting the match. Shooting arrangements as in League Competition. Unless the captains agree otherwise, semi-finals and the final on neutral ranges and where the teams are from ranges of opposing types (tube-bell, tube-card, open-card) the match will be shot on the range dissimilar to both teams' home ranges.

Casuals Cup.

Awarded to the team having the highest away average in the League Championship but excluding the League champion and runner -up. No entrance fee.

Endeavour Cup.

A knock-out competition by 2 semi-finals and a final of the last 4 teams in the League Championship. Composure of semi-finals drawn from hat by Management Committee, the first team of each pair drawn hosting the match on their home range. Final is shot on range agreed by captains of both finalist teams. No entrance fee.

Marlborough Trophy.

A tube knock-out competition open to all teams who have competed in the League Championship, hosted by teams in rotation. Order of knock-out to be drawn from hat by Management Committee. Each team to hold their own knock-out competition and send forward winner to compete. 2 sighters and 7 unspotted shots to count. No entrance fee.